In His Time



In His Time

I’ll wait on Your timing

as hard as it seems

I know that Your blessings

far outweigh my dreams


You Lord, are faithful

You’ll always provide

and whenever I need You,

You’re right by my side


Your plans are all perfect

and You know what’s best

So, take hold of my heart,

put all of my worries to rest.


~Amanda N. Sams

June 12, 2016

Forever Changed

Photo courtesy of Bing Images.

Photo courtesy of Bing Images.

The scars in His hands,
our sin put them there
He bore it for us on the Cross

The death we deserved
He took in our place,
without Him, our lives would be lost

The pain that He suffered
the ridicule He faced
it was all an outpouring of love

With every crack of the whip
with each drop of blood
you and I are whom He thought of

It’s Christ who I live for
because He died for me
I’ll forever praise His name

And thanks to those scars
in His hands and His feet
my life is forever changed. ♥

~Amanda N. Sams
May 7, 2013