In His Image

Beautiful is what you are

putting yourself down,

you’ve got to stop this

God created you in His image

He makes no mistakes

this I can promise.

The hands that created the moon and stars

are surely gentle enough

to heal your scars

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,

each and every person

is beautiful in God’s eyes.

Beautiful is what God is,

listen to me princess,

YOU are His!

~Amanda N. Sams

February 17, 2013

Let Go

Reach out your hand to Jesus
open it up to Him
He’ll take whatever is inside of it
that’s causing your light to dim

God has called Him worthy
to take hold of the Scroll
to break open it’s seven seals
and in time, let the end events unroll

So, no matter what you’re holding
it’ll never be too much
Jesus is always willing
to take whatever burdens you may clutch.

~Amanda N. Sams
January 31, 2013

Remember, He Cares

I was laying in bed the other night, tossing and turning, just trying really hard to fall asleep. As I finally drifted off to sleep, these poetic lines started floating around in my brain, almost like someone was whispering in my ear. So, I sat up in bed, grabbed my iPod from the pillow next to me, and began to type them as a note. As I typed, more and more came to me. This poem is what I ended up with. I woke up the next morning, read through it again and revised it, but only for grammatical errors that I had made through my grogginess and changed the word choice in some places.

Remember, He Cares

When life gets you down,
Be still, just think
you belong to The King of Kings
He won’t let you sink.

So smile through the pain,

Laugh through the tears,

Keep a smile on your face,
Happiness, in your years.
The Lord is our Shepherd
and we, as His sheep,
have the promise of Heaven,
A promise we know He’ll keep.When He comes back to get me
I’m ready to go.
Be it tomorrow?
A month?
A year?
No one knows.Time here on earth is short
When compared
to the eternity we’ll spend
With our Saviour,
up there.

Although we face trials,
and troubles, and fears
Our God will not leave us,
He hears our prayer, wipes our tears.

So next time you’re worried,
stressed out, or scared,
Remember, Jesus died for YOU,
on the Cross,
Because He cares.

~Amanda N. Sams
August 30, 2012