Paid in Full

Cross and Nails

Two crisscrossed tree limbs

three sharp nails

that held His body there


He shed His blood

on Calvary’s Mount

to show how much He cares


The pain He bore

was all for us

He sacrificed His life


For our home in Heaven

a life everlasting

He paid the ultimate price


~Amanda N. Sams

April 12, 2015

In My Place


A perfect love upon the cross
He bled and died for me
He bore my sin and cleared my name
His suffering set me free

A crown of thorns pressed in His head
Blood running down His face
The punishment that I deserved
He took it in my place

~Amanda N. Sams
April 18, 2014

A Sacrifice Unmatched


A Sacrifice Unmatched


Betrayed by a kiss,

Beaten and bruised

Little did they know

He was telling the truth.


Pierced for our transgressions

A love we don’t deserve

God sent His only Son

To be the Savior of the earth.


As He hung upon the cross

His blood washed away our sins

Took away the guilt and shame

And cleansed us from within.


When the ninth hour approached

“It is finished!” He said

He gave up His spirit,

As He bowed His head.


The veil was torn

The earth quaked, rocks split

The Son of God, they feared

Truly this Man is it.


They took down His body

And laid Him in the tomb

Wrapped Him in linen

That He would shed very soon


On the third day after His treacherous death

Both Marys returned to His grave

Only to find the stone rolled away

And an angel, sitting where He had lay.


It’s Jesus you seek,

the crucified One.

don’t be afraid, He is risen!

They turned and left, stunned.


Death couldn’t hold Him

Just as He had said

He was beaten, insulted and mocked,

But on the third day, rose again.


He did this all for you and me

A sacrifice unmatched

Endured the pain upon the cross

So from our sin we’d be detached.


No other love can be compared

To what held Him on the cross

His blood was shed,

our lives were spared

without Him, I’m at a loss.


~Amanda N. Sams

March 29, 2013