Spoken For

Spoken For

Spoken For

He delights in you, beloved

He’ll meet your every need

He longs to wipe each tear you cry

In Him you’ll be complete


He loves you more than any man

He’ll never leave your side

He listens to each word you speak

In Him you can confide


You’re spoken for, dear Princess

His love, forever yours

No matter what your past

Your heart, He will restore.


~Amanda N. Sams

July 13, 2014

At Your Feet

At Your feet

I lay my burdens

I drop each trial, fear, and shame


At Your feet

My pain is lifted

Peace comes when I speak Your name


On the cross

You died for me

You shed Your blood to save my soul


So at Your feet

I humbly bow

It’s in Your presence I become whole.


~Amanda N. Sams

April 6, 2014

Rest in Him

Matthew 11

Through tear filled eyes I seek You

I long for Your embrace

You’re always there to meet me

and wipe my tear stained face

I look to You for answers

I know Your way is best

I give to You my burdens

and in Your peace, I find rest.

~Amanda N. Sams

He Calls me Daughter

He Calls Me Daughterchild of god


When an earthly father is nowhere around

My Heavenly Father can always be found

I’m thankful He calls me daughter


When I’m hurting and need that fatherly love

I can always look to my Daddy above

He comforts and calls me daughter


Through excitement and heartache

With each success and mistake

He’s ever-loving never leaving

He’ll always call me daughter


~Amanda N Sams

September 15, 2013


FreedChains are gone


To You I give my heart, Lord

broken, tattered, and torn

I know You’ll mend each shattered piece

And pull out all the thorns


Your love erases each new pain

It dries each tear I shed

You listen to each spoken word

And answer prayers unsaid


Without You life is nothing

So I give You all I am

Your pain and suffering saved my soul

I’ve been freed through the blood of the Lamb


~Amanda N. Sams

September 6, 2013

Safe In His Arms



When my burdens are heavy

I fall to my knees

I know my Lord Jesus

Will lift them from me




When the road ahead seems dark

I look for His light

In the midst of my troubles

He’s right by my side


When it seems like I’m falling

I land safe in His arms

He’ll always be there to catch me

To keep me safe from all harm


~Amanda N. Sams

June 6, 2013