Paid in Full

Cross and Nails

Two crisscrossed tree limbs

three sharp nails

that held His body there


He shed His blood

on Calvary’s Mount

to show how much He cares


The pain He bore

was all for us

He sacrificed His life


For our home in Heaven

a life everlasting

He paid the ultimate price


~Amanda N. Sams

April 12, 2015



He’s living water
bread of life,
the perfect, sinless lamb

His cleansing blood
will set you free
you need only call on Him

He’ll take you in
with open arms
He’ll wash your garments white

Your sin erased
a life brand new,
A beacon of His light

~Amanda N. Sams
June 13, 2014

Broken Pieces


Broken and scattered
each piece has a story
My life was a mess
but could still bring You glory

You picked up my pieces
Your grace became glue,
Your blood cleansed my sins,
made me shiny and new.

~Amanda N. Sams
May 14, 2014

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; the old has gone, the new has come!”

~2 Corinthian 5:17

At Your Feet

At Your feet

I lay my burdens

I drop each trial, fear, and shame


At Your feet

My pain is lifted

Peace comes when I speak Your name


On the cross

You died for me

You shed Your blood to save my soul


So at Your feet

I humbly bow

It’s in Your presence I become whole.


~Amanda N. Sams

April 6, 2014


FreedChains are gone


To You I give my heart, Lord

broken, tattered, and torn

I know You’ll mend each shattered piece

And pull out all the thorns


Your love erases each new pain

It dries each tear I shed

You listen to each spoken word

And answer prayers unsaid


Without You life is nothing

So I give You all I am

Your pain and suffering saved my soul

I’ve been freed through the blood of the Lamb


~Amanda N. Sams

September 6, 2013

Under the Blood

Under the Blood nothingbutthebloodofjesus


Under the blood

We’re free from sin

Jesus has cleansed us

From deep within


Under the blood

There’s nothing to fear

Our merciful Saviour

Will always be near


Under the blood

We’re shielded with grace

Through mistakes and imperfections

We need only to seek His face


Because of the blood

We need not fear death

Christ died for us

So with eternal life we could be blessed


~Amanda N. Sams

July 8, 2013

Tide to Go and The Grace of Jesus

“What in the world do the Grace of Jesus and Tide to Go have to do with each other?” You might ask. The title got your attention, didn’t it? I thought it might! Tide to Go:JesusReally though, there is a connection, at least in my brain. I wore a white dress to church Sunday morning, I had no idea there was a coffee stain on the side of it… thankfully it was small enough that it wasn’t screaming “LOOK AT ME! MANDI SPILLED COFFEE ALL OVER ME LAST MONTH!” (Completely forgot about that incident…) Anyway, I got home and my grandma pointed it out to me. “It’s okay, I’ll just throw it in with a load of whites and some bleach, all will be fixed!” Then I read the tag… “Hand wash only, DO NOT BLEACH,” now what am I supposed to do… Later, as I was digging through drawers trying to find some music, I came across a Tide to Go pen, YES! Goodbye coffee stain! I plucked my dress from my pile of whites and started stain fighting.

*Enter Mandi’s crazy thought process*

Wait a minute, my dress, that WAS white as snow, is stained. Jesus blotted out our “stains” with His blood, on the cross. Because of that we became pure, and white as snow. “Liiiiiightbuullllbbb…” (Despicable Me fans? Couldn’t resist…) JESUS IS LIKE A TIDE TO GO PEN! Despite the fact that He ultimately washed us of our sins when He died on the cross, we’re still imperfect. We still sin and end up staining our white garments throughout our lives. We have to go back to Him, repent of our sins, and ask for forgiveness. By no means am I saying that we should take advantage of His grace and forgiveness and use it as an excuse to sin or do whatever we want to, even when we know it’s wrong. I mean you wouldn’t purposely dump pasta down the front of your favorite article of clothing just so you could whip out that Tide to Go pen, would you? I didn’t think so… The Grace of Jesus, like Tide to Go, should be used as a “just in case…” We all still make mistakes, but He’ll always forgive us when we do. Keep Him with you at all times, but don’t sin just because He’s there to quickly blot out your “stains.” The difference? Tide to Go eventually runs out, the Grace of Jesus never will. (And Tide to Go smells kinda funny…. ha.)

And that is what the Grace of Jesus and Tide to Go have to do with each other!