To Hell with the Hustle, Seriously…

Hustle: to push or force along. *Cambridge Dictionary

Hustle: to have the courage, confidence, self belief, and self determination to go out there and work it out, until you find the opportunities you want in life. *Urban Dictionary

Jefferson Bethke’s message in his newest book “To Hell With the Hustle” is a timely and sharp message that each of us need to take in, in the midst of today’s “hustle” culture. As Christians, we’re called to resist the hustle, slow down, not fill every second with yet another commitment. Believe me, I’m just as guilty of this. Sometimes life just feels boring if we’re not going and doing, constantly connected, busy, busy, busy. Who needs sleep anyway, right? Wrong.

We’ve become slaves to the devices in our pockets, on our wrists, or at our desks. Everyone has constant access to us, through social media, texts, calls, FaceTime, tags, etc. and we feel guilty if we don’t answer the call, respond to thetext, or click “like” on our bestie’s pos three seconds after they post something. I’ve even fallen into the habit of sleeping with m phone laying on my pillow overnight, ridiculous.

“I refuse to glorify and elevate the grind, the hashtag #nosleepmovement, the noise, and commodification of our personhood through these little rectangular glass devices in our pockets. Who’s with me? ”

I’m in, are you?

So much of this book spoke to me and hit me, hard, so trying to keep this review from being a novel itself, will be incredibly difficult.

What hit me the hardest throughout the book, was the reoccurring theme of dancing, rhythm, and music. First, because I’m a musician, and second because shortly before reading this book, I had a dream that I was alone in a big room, with high ceilings, and out of nowhere,, came a tall, gentle man, who reached for my hand, and we danced slowly, until I woke up shortly after. The Sunday following that dream, my pastor wrapped up his sermon by saying, “let Him teach you how to dance…” As soon as I hit Chapter 3: Music from Chaos, and stumbled across this quote, I knew the exact interpretation of the dream I had had prior…

“Have you ever heard music so beautiful you could hardly bear to listen to it?

That’s the music God is playing. And He’s inviting us to dance to it. But here’s the thing we have to acknowledge about dancing, before we can keep moving forward on this’s journey together: Learning to dance takes work.”

So, I leave you wit this question: Are you slowing down enough to learn how to dance to and with the rhythm of Jesus? Or are you caught up in so much of the hustle culture that you’re tripping over your own feet, and getting ahead of Jesus and His plans for you? Listen closely for the rhythm and music of Jesus, slow down to His perfect pace, and start saying “To hell with the hustle” as a new way of doing life.

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