Draw Me Close

Draw Me Close    Draw Me Close

O Lord, draw me close,

Wrap me in Your arms

With You on my side

I know I’m safe from harm


O Lord, hold me tight

Let me know that You’re there

When I’m lost in Your presence

I  haven’t a care


O Lord, You’re my stronghold,

My world and my light

When I call on Your name

For me you will fight


O Lord, draw me close

Surround me with Your love

I need you at all times

I just can’t get enough.


~Amanda N. Sams

April 29, 2013

So, it’s a new blog post ya want?


I’ve slacked, a lot! I haven’t written a new poem since Easter, but I’m hoping that this will change very soon. I’ve got a long trip ahead of me tomorrow and Tuesday to go see my “little” brother graduate from Army basic training in South Carolina this week. I’ll have PLENTY of time to write. Thirteen hours in a car, both ways, surely I’ll come up with something. (Or the Lord will see how bored I am and He’ll feed me something just to give me something to do… ha!) Until then, hang in there! I haven’t fallen off of the face of the earth, I promise! 😉