His Love


His Love

A love that is eternal
A love you cannot shake
from bondage it will break you
and take away your chains

This love can make you new again,
refresh your view on life
it can take away your burdens
and rid you of all strife

Do you know this love?
His name is Jesus Christ
He bled and died upon the Cross,
for you He paid the price

You can come to Christ in brokenness,
with every joy and pain.
His love will make you whole again,
and wash away each stain.

When you come to know Him
a light begins to shine,
a light you’ll carry everywhere,
have with you all of the time.

All Christ wants from you is you,
He’ll take you as you are,
He’ll fix your broken pieces,
and He’ll heal your every scar

Even when you stray away

His love will stay the same.

He’ll wrap you in His presence

And call you back by name.

His love is free for you and me

No other gift can compare

How? You ask, the answer is simple

Just go to Him in prayer.

I know one day, not long from now

We’ll hear that glorious trumpet sound

On that day no joy will be greater

Than when I’m finally face to face with my creator.

~Amanda N. Sams

January 7, 2013




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