Appreciate the Little Things

I probably should have started with this post, considering it’s the title of my blog, but my brain didn’t think that way, so here it is now.

I think too many people in society today take for granted the little everyday luxuries that we use on a regular basis. Things like a hot shower, warm bed, a toothbrush, the ability to go to the fridge or cabinet and grab something to eat. Do you ever find yourself stopping to think, “wow, not everyone has access to these luxuries and I’ve just grown to expect them as a regular part of my life.” I do, more and more each day. My heart aches for those less fortunate. Those that have fallen victim to poverty and homelessness. It breaks my heart to flip through photos on sponsorship websites like World Vision and see all of the faces of the children and their families in need of so much. I want to sponsor them ALL, sadly I cannot. I would give up luxuries for myself to be able to make a difference in their lives. It saddens me that there are many people in the world who could care less and live to please themselves and themselves only.

If I were given $1,000,000 I’d donate most of it to an organization like World Vision and then use some of it to travel and visit the various families that the money went towards sponsoring and try to make even a small difference in their lives. Seeing people smile makes me happy, it makes me even happier when I know I’m the reason for their smile. If I die knowing that I’ve made a difference in the lives of others because of my works while I was here on Earth, I’ll die a very happy girl.

Moral of the story, stop and think about that hot shower you get every morning, the warm bed you crawl into at night, and yes, even the minty freshness of your mouth after you brush your teeth. Remember, not everyone has been granted with these “little things,” so always remember to appreciate them!


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