Christians and Tattoos

This has been an issue on my heart for awhile, I just never had a place to express my thoughts and feelings on this controversy. Being a Christian, and obviously having been inked, I’ve faced much turmoil over my decision to get tattooed. I’ve had Leviticus 19:28 (Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD) thrown in my face more times than I can count. What I don’t understand is, if I’M being scolded for “printing marks upon me,” then what about what the rest of the passage says when we put verse 28 back in context? The passage continues on and tells us that we also are not to “cut the hair of our temples, shave our beards, wear clothing with mixed linen, eat the meat of an animal drained of blood… etc.” If I’m being scolded for getting tattooed, why are people getting away with something simple like getting a haircut, or wearing a poly/cotton blend, eating meat? There are some things in that passage that still apply in today’s day and age, but not all of it. I’ve thought about this for awhile, so I have multiple ways of looking at it.

My second thought being, isn’t our body just a temporary shell to use as we spend the relatively short time here on earth? So, keeping that mindset, my tattoos won’t go with me to heaven, correct? And, even if they DID I don’t have the mark of the beast inked across my forehead. Mine are both faith based, tucked away from plain sight, and anymore that I may get will be as well. All of them have a sentimental meaning and aren’t just because I wanted to go out and get inked. Yeah, our body is supposed to be a temple for the Holy Spirit, isn’t that just in the heart? Marking up my “earthly shell” isn’t changing my heart. I’m still the same person on the inside and continue to live my life for Christ, my tattoos have nothing to do with that.

My last point… *phew* I know. The Bible tells us that nothing we do can make Christ stop loving us. His love is eternal, unending, as I mentioned in my last post. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t make an exception for those of us with tattoos. “You have tattoos, my eternal love doesn’t apply, to Hell with you!” I have a pretty strong feeling that that’s not how it works. I could be wrong and I know that I’m probably going to get some debate on this issue, but I’m fully prepared for any backlash I may get from this post. Those are my thoughts and opinions, you’re welcome to have yours as well.


2 thoughts on “Christians and Tattoos

  1. The context is always important in scripture. The people were about to enter the Promised Land which was full of pagans. The trimming of the beard, eating meat with blood in it and use of tattoos were practices of pagans. Tattoos are no longer worn only by pagans. Cultures and customs change though the principles and truths of God do not. I personally do not see that as New Teasrament believers we are prohibited from having tattoos. One should be aware though (as you are) of how it may impact our witness. Choose carefully, they are with you for a long time!

    • Thank you! It’s always a 50/50 shot as to how other Christians will react when they find out I have them. I’ve done my research and they’re always quite shocked when I have Biblical backup and reasoning with my argument. It’s nice to not have someone condemning me for having them for once!

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